How you can use Google Earth to teach your kids – by Diyana

Many people have Google Earth and find it good to look at landmarks, perhaps wonders of the world and just explore the world, Mars, the moon or the sky! Well, you know, there is a way to teach using Google Earth as well.

You can get your children or class (or whoever you are teaching) to learn about buildings from ancient Rome to the pyramids and natural or manmade wonders of the world. Here are the things you do:

  1. Choose your building or wonder of the world… like the Pyramids of Giza above. Perhaps look on the internet for some famous buildings or wonders of the world (I warn you, on the internet people almost always have their own list of what they think are the wonders of the world. You might have to pick some out yourself!)
  2. Find it on Google Earth. Sometimes it takes patience to find the exact spot.
  3. Make a folder or placemark. At the top of the screen (once you have Google Earth open) the thumbnail is the icon for a placemark. To find the folders, go onto add then folder, or you can click ctrl shift N to open it.
  4. Rewrite or copy the information on the ‘Choose your building’ step. For example if you go in Wikipedia and you want to do the Great Blue Hole, you search it on Wikipedia and then use some of that information and maybe select an image. Don’t forget to save it.
Diyana is 11 and loves horseriding and animals in general. She spends long hours talking to the chickens, playing with the cat each day and caring for her turtles. When she was 9 in an assignment at school she wrote that when she grew up she “wanted to be close to Allah” while her friends were writing about how they wanted to be princesses and doctors.

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Cath Cooper
    May 20, 2012 @ 12:26:05

    Hi Diyana. I love Google Earth and you have taught me some good tips on using placemarks and folders! I am going to go and search for the Great Blue Hole 🙂


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