Life in Pakistan by Diyana

In my opinion, Pakistan is quite a strange place. There are poor people almost wherever you go who sometimes are injured, missing a limb, or just pretending. Some of them hang around on the roads cleaning people’s windscreens and windows (usually against the driver’s will), selling coconut and other small snacks, some of them sell stickers, newspapers or pens and some just knock at your window and say, “You’re children will be blessed” or “You will be healthy if you give me money!”, although some just sit quietly.

In Pakistan you see many strange things. For example, when you are driving home on a normal day, you might see someone holding up puppies on the side of the road and selling them, and sometimes they just paint the puppies to look like (for example) German Shepherds, when they might just be a stray dog from the area.

In most shopping areas, there is a butcher. Sometimes a chicken butcher, sometimes a goat or cow butcher. I personally think that the chicken butcher is the worst. The chickens are all white and are mostly given feed to make them grow faster so they can be killed and sold quicker, but occasionally people care for their chickens and give them a happy life. It breaks my heart when we go near the chicken shops. All the chickens in their tiny cages squashed together, squeaking and crying out until one or two gets grabbed by the wings and taken to get killed. But to me, the worst part is when they shove them in cages on the back of trucks, where they are squashed in worse than in the butcher’s place. Sometimes one or two or seven million have half their body stuck in the bars of the cages.

There are also many maids and drivers and gardeners in Pakistan, who are usually poor people. My family has a maid that we call ‘Aunty Shehnaz’. She is a very trustworthy maid and once invited us to her house and got us food. She is our only maid and her husband, ‘Rasheed Chacha” (chacha is like uncle) is our driver. Aunty Shehnaz has four children.

Pakistan is a very crazy country. You have to have nerves of steel to drive here. People drive like crazy people and car accidents are not rare. Once we were in the car and we saw a man driving some old-fashioned car that was rusty and broken.

That is all I can count up at the moment. I’m glad you read this 🙂


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  1. Bec
    Jun 02, 2012 @ 07:10:29

    Hi Diyanah! That’s sad about the chickens isn’t it. We have a similar situation here with the sheep when they get piled into the trucks to be driven the many hours from the farm to the dock so they can be loaded onto ships. Thanks for writing about life in Pakistan, we found it very interesting.


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