Life in Pakistan by Safiyah

Here in Pakistan, it’s really dusty and gets to around 50oC in the summers, so you’re sweating even under the fan! You have to turn your air conditioner to freezing so your room is practically a fridge for you to be comfortable.

There’s so much dust in the air that the sky is usually grey, so sometimes when I look out the window I think it’s going to rain (sadly I’m mistaken mostly). If you leave something for just a day or so, you’ll find it covered in dust! Sometimes the only time when the sky’s blue and the grass is green is a little after it rains.

The roads they make here are really, really bad. Well, mostly. They usually make the roads rough and often a bit dangerous, and to add to that, drivers aren’t very good at driving. The speed bumps they make can look really weird, like crooked or sometimes way too big. People often try to overtake you a little too suddenly and you have to slam your breaks on or you’ll bump into them.

Weddings, or shaadis as we call them here, go for 3 days! Well, not straight, but each day goes until really late at night and there’s mostly loud music and dancing and people shouting. If there’s a shaadi in our street, we have to turn the fan up to full so we can’t hear it.

The bride and groom have to sit separate for most of the time, but when they do get to sit together, they’re in a chair at the very front of wherever they are and on a stage. There are other chairs beside theirs so that their family can get pictures with them. The poor bride and groom have to sit still most of the time and live with constant photos.

The brides have to wear so much gold it’s not even funny, and it looks like they’d be so heavy that they can’t even stand up. Somehow they do. Their clothes also have to be really fancy, and they usually wear so much makeup they’re not even recognizable. 3 words: I would die!

Even though I made it sound like Pakistan wouldn’t be a nice place to live in, I’m just exaggerating a bit. I way prefer it to Australia, and that’s really saying something!


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  1. Bec
    Jun 02, 2012 @ 07:09:09

    Hi Safiyah! The boys and I really enjoyed reading about your life in Pakistan, you write very well. I especially liked hearing about the weddings.


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