Life in Pakistan by SHAMS

Life in Pakistan is crazy.

The traffic is bad and one day coming home from the farm it took us hours and hours to get home. This is because there were riots in the street. That is where people block the road and shout about how they want stuff like gas and electricity.


Here the lights go out a lot. Sometimes we have one hour of light and then one hour of no light all day. Sometimes we have no light all day. That is so frustrating because nothing works like the internet and the batteries run out of our laptops. It is so boring and so hot in summer and I almost die.

One of the best times of the year is Eid. In Eid we buy goats and sheep and sometimes cows and on the day we kill them in our front driveway. There is lots of blood everywhere. First they cut their neck with a knife and say Allah hu Akbar 3 times. They are not allowed to cut the spinal cord. Once the animal is dead they keep twitching from the nerves and one time it kicked one of the guys in the leg. They cut the heads off when they are dead and then hang them on the gate so the blood goes out. Then they wash them and peel the skin off. We give the skins away to the poor. Then after all the sheep and goats are dead (we had 4 last year) they start to cut up the pieces with a butcher knife and a big block of wood. My mother has a butcher knife too and it is really fat. The meat is divided into 3. One third goes to the poor. One third goes to family and one third we keep for eating. There are hundreds of beggars who come to the gate on those days to take meat. Last year we had a sheep and we loved it so much. It was for the Prophet Muhammad and it was our favourite. We didn’t want to kill it.

We have chickens. They lay eggs and then after the mother has layed all the eggs, she sits on them for 21 days. Sometimes she sits in the girls bathroom but they do really really stinky poos and the girls hate it because it makes their room smell. After 21 days the eggs start to hatch. Sometimes the chicks can’t get out and we have to open the eggs like mumma is doing here.

We raise the chicks and then they go to the farm. We have taken two lots of chicks and they have grown up to be huge. We still have one batch of chicks here at home but they are not old enough to go to the farm yet.

We love animals in our family. We have a cat (Hercules) and chickens and turtles, a green parrot called Chambeli (which means Jasmine) and an Alexandrine parrot called Zumurrad (which means emerald). We also have lots of fish. On the farm there are peacocks, pigeons for racing, goats, chickens, ducks and lots of baby fruit trees.





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  1. Bec
    Jun 02, 2012 @ 07:11:36

    Hi Shams! Wow, that was really interesting, we didn’t know about Eid. The boys thought your story was great, and they laughed at the part with the stinky chicken poo 🙂


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